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Automatic Pool Cleaner - Overview
By Dave LeBeau

The automatic pool cleaner (otherwise known as the pool sweep) is a key element in the effort to maintain a clean and sparkling swimming pool year round. The automatic pool cleaner works by running off a timer on a daily basis to vacuum the pool. An automatic pool cleaner can save countless hours of work by automatically removing dirt and debris from the pool. The two most common types of automatic pool cleaners are suction side pool cleaners and pressure side pool cleaners. These automatic pool sweeps come in many different shapes and sizes, and there are many different manufacturers who make them. An automatic pool cleaner is absolutely worth the investment and will save you hours of work each week of the year. A quality pool cleaner should last you anywhere from 5 - 10 years if cared for and maintained properly.

Pressure Side Automatic Pool Cleaners

The pressure side pool cleaner works by using water pressure to pick up dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool. Some of the pressure side pool sweeps require an additional booster pump to provide the pressure for the automatic pool cleaner. Some work without a booster pump and use the water pressure provided by the existing pump. One great benefit of the pressure side automatic pool cleaner is that it doesn't use your existing filtration system to capture the debris, but instead captures the debris in a debris bag. Your pool stays clean and your main filtration system stays clean longer saving you more work. Pricing for a quality pressure side pool cleaner runs in the range of $450 to $700. For pressure side pool cleaners, the Polaris pool cleaner has an outstanding reputation.

Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaners

The suction side pool cleaner works by using the existing pump to create the suction that picks up the debris from the pool and uses the existing filtration system, including the pump basket and main filter, to collect and filter out the dirt and debris. This is an excellent way to keep your pool clean and doesn't require any additional equipment. You can connect the suction pool cleaner to an existing suction line pre-plumbed into your swimming pool wall or if your pool doesn't have the pre-plumbed suction line there are adapters that allow you to use the main skimmer as the suction source. Pricing for quality suction side automatic swimming pool cleaners typically range from $300 to $600. For suction side pool cleaners, the Hayward Navigator or Hayward Pool Vac has an outstanding reputation.


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